Toronto Car Accident Lawyers: Know Your Rights!

“The Best Drivers Are Aware That They Must Beware!” – Saftey Slogan 

Toronto personal injury lawyers Singh Barristers regularly handle cases where devastating collisions have resulted in serious injuries to innocent victims.

Most accidents are preventable, avoidable. Investigations can reveal that they’re caused by someone’s fault or negligence.

The horrific 30-vehicle crash on Highway 401, near Kingston on March 14, 2017 is a case in point. The collision resulted in the death of at least one person and left dozens of others seriously injured. It also caused a hazardous chemical spill that puts hundreds of others at risk. The hazardous chemical was identified as fluorosilicic acid that causes irritation, swelling and inflammation to eyes, respiratory system and skin.

Such accidents result in enormous physical, financial and emotional burdens to injured victims and their families.

Those responsible for the accident have to be held liable and compensate victims for injuries sustained as a result of the accident.

Under Ontario laws, all those injured in motor-vehicle accidents are entitled to claim statutory benefits payable by their own insurance-companies, regardless of fault.

Additionally, injured victims are entitled to seek compensation via a personal injury claim.

Contact the nearest personal injury lawyer in Toronto if you or a dear one has been injured in such an accident. We can advise, assist and advocate for you.

Unsure of The Next Step?

In the period following a serious motor-vehicle accident, injured victims and their families experience confusion, anxiety, pain, fear and a host of other debilitating emotions. They may find it difficult to meet medical and rehabilitation expenses.

If the injured person is unable to work, this means a loss of income/wages. Household expenses are difficult to meet. Time and effort are required to care for the injured person.


  • Help you get top-quality diagnosis/treatment/medication/ rehabilitation/care.
  • Deal with the complicated paperwork, meet filing deadlines
  • Unravel the complex medical, legal and insurance issues involved.
  • Safeguard your rights
  • Deal with insurance-companies
  • Present a robust claim backed by relevant evidence
  • Represent you in all forums
  • Help you get the deserved compensation.

Our experienced Toronto car accident lawyer can help you deal with all these problems and more.

If you, your family or a friend has been injured in an accident, please feel free to speak to one of our injury lawyers for a free consultation about how we are able to assist in making a personal injury claim. We consult in all cities across Ontario with a no win no fee guarantee. Our personal injury lawyers have helped victims secure millions of dollars in personal injury cases. Call us Toll Free On our 24/7 Injury Hotline: 1 – 844 495 7333 or Text a Personal Injury ‎Lawyer 24/7 and get instant help. (416 931 5015)


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