Truck Accidents Can Be Complicated

Brampton truck accident lawyer Singh Barristers believes that if you have been injured as a result of a truck accident then you need a team of highly specialized lawyers to represent you.  Serious truck accidents in Brampton are not uncommon and unfortunately results in the loss of many lives each year.   Victims of truck accidents in Brampton need to know that our trial lawyers are aggressive and we have a team of the best forensic reconstruction experts in Canada to assist in determining who was at fault.  A truck accident can be very complicated especially when you are dealing with a tractor-trailer that struck a vehicle killing its occupants and there are no independent witnesses.

Brampton truck accident victims need to know that there could be more than one person responsible for the truck accident.  Potential defendants in a serious truck accident could be, the truck driver, the truck owner, the owner of the trailer, the leasing company that leased the truck and the shipping company responsible for the goods that were in transit in the truck.   We often see cases where there are several insurance companies who will dispute among themselves who will compensate the injured victims for the damages suffered as a result of the truck accident.   Some tucking companies will do all they can to try and avoid liability.  They do this by obtaining permits to operate the truck but they do not own the truck or tractor-trailer that hauls the goods.

The trucking company will then subcontract the “load” to an “owner/operator” who is required to take out his own insurance, which in some cases is the minimum required by law.  This means that the truck driver may have coverage for $250 000, which may not be enough to cover any serious personal injury claim which can cost millions.    The truck driver is then given a “placard” which is fixed to the trucks door which will have the trucking companies name on it.  An innocent observer will think that the truck is owned by ABC company when in fact it is not.  If the truck is involved in an accident and seriously injures or kills someone, the company will argue that it does not own the truck or employ the driver.

Trucks can weigh between 10 000 to 100 000 pounds and if involved in an accident the truck can inflict serious injuries to accident victims.  The common types of truck injuries include, head trauma, catastrophic brain injury, concussion, subdural hematoma, bleeding in the brain lining, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, serious neck injuries, serious fractures, burns, scarring , deformity, and emotional trauma.  An accident victim involved in a serious truck accident can take years to fully recover and unfortunately some die as a direct result of the injuries that they sustain in the collision.

Singh Barristers has a wide range of forensic experts who have years of experience in reconstruction of the accident scene and determining the role that each vehicle played in the accident. Our vehicle engineers, road engineers, biomechanical experts will be able to tell a jury how the accident happened, which vehicle caused the accident, whether the mechanics of the injury is consistent with the facts of the accident, an evaluation of the vehicles safety features and the role it played in the crash, was all drivers reasonably attentive, could the truck driver have reduced the seriousness of the impact by taking evasive action when he was first alerted to the danger and so on.

Our forensic engineers will be able to tell a host of technical details of the truck moments before impact by using the technical data stored in the trucks, such as speed, brake and throttle use, moments before impact.  Our forensic engineers use specialized software to download this vital data from Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, International, Mercedes, Volvo and Cummins trucks.   Our engineers can also look at other data in assisting with the reconstruction, such as electronically saved data “black box” from the anti-lock braking system (ABS), global positioning system, telematics and other devices that store technical data.  Our biomechanical engineers will be able to tell the mechanics of an injury using diagnostic images, medical records and other scientific formulae to tell if the injuries were consistent with the mechanics of the collision.

If you or someone you know was seriously injured or killed in an accident involving a truck please do not hesitate to contact our Truck Accident Lawyers  for a free and confidential consultation about all your legal rights, TOLL FREE: 1-844 495 7333.

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