FAQs on Ontario Personal Injury Lawsuits

All Ontario residents should be aware of basic information on personal injuries that could prove helpful when they are involved in any personal injury lawsuit. There would be a host of questions which would linger in the minds of consumers who are considering a personal injury lawsuit. It is your right to secure the right answers to the questions pounding in your mind or heart before you proceed with the best course of action in a personal injury incident.

FAQ#1 – Should I engage a lawyer in a simple personal injury accident? 

You may think very lightly of the personal injury accident at that point in time when the accident is quite fresh. But you cannot guarantee if there would be back lashes from the accident down the road especially after two years which is the limitation period to file a personal injury lawsuit in Ontario.  Consulting our best Toronto car accident lawyers  on a simple personal injury would be the best decision to understand the implications and available options now and later.

FAQ#2 – What kind of lawyers should I engage in a personal injury accident?

It is advisable to engage a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries. Our Toronto car accident lawyer and  slip and fall lawyer handles many types of personal injuries resulting from a simple accident and but brings on heavy damages that incur high medical expenses which must be compensated by another party’s negligence and recklessness or carelessness. If you encounter severe injuries from the car accident, our Toronto catastrophic injury lawyer should be consulted or legally engaged to activate a legal recourse as quickly as possible.

If death results from the personal injury accident, our wrongful death lawyer should be engaged to pursue the right course of legal actions that would offer some comfort to the surviving members of the deceased’s family.  Many personal injury accidents may take a toll on the injured with long term medical complications where our long term disability claims lawyer should be consulted to request for long term compensation on behalf of the injured and dependents. The right choice of top personal injury lawyers makes a big difference to the quantum of compensation that eases the financial woes of the injured and its dependents. 

FAQ#3 – What quantum of financial compensation is expected from a successful personal injury lawsuit? 

The exact amount of financial compensation is hard to determine for different types of personal injuries incurred by Ontario residents in different cases. It is up to the personal injury lawyers engaged by the respective plaintiff to negotiate the best personal injury settlement  possible on behalf of their clients.

However, various settlements awarded in personal injury cases include:

  • Medical treatments and medication
  • Long term medical or care costs
  • Rehabilitation and therapy expenses
  • Compensation on lost earning capacity or lost wages
  • Property damages
  • Physical pain and suffering damages
  • Disfigurement
  • Mental anguish and impacted mental capacity
  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of companionship and dependency

Our experienced and skilled disability claims lawyer could request optimal compensation that runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on available evidence, severity of injury and presentation skills in and outside the court. Our personal injury lawyers have settled millions of dollars in personal injury cases.

FAQ#4 – How do I afford the high charges of a lawyer? 

Our no win no fee  personal injury lawyers charge on a contingency bases which means payment is made only when the case is won and you, the plaintiff, receive the negotiated compensation. This is very attractive to all injured plaintiffs who seldom have sufficient funds to pay their medical fees; much less their lawyers.

Your consultation with our experienced personal injury lawyers is free of charge.  You pay us only if your case settles and when you receive a cash settlement.
FAQ#5 – What are my options or chances in settling the case out of court? 

Because of the fact that we have the best  personal injury trial lawyers, 95 percent of our personal injury claims  settled before trial and at mediation.  With the professional assistance of our experienced personal injury lawyers, such lawsuits could be settled anytime if favorable claims are agreed by all parties. 99 percent of our cases settle within 2 years of the date of the injury.

Hence, it is advisable to engage our injury lawyers with a strong proven track record for the best options in personal injuries in Ontario as they can shorten the legal process to help you move on in life.

 If you, your family or a friend has been injured in an accident, please feel free to speak to one of our injury lawyers for a free consultation about how we are able to assist in making a personal injury claim. We consult in all cities across Ontario with a no win no fee guarantee. Our personal injury lawyers have helped victims secure millions of dollars in personal injury cases. Call us Toll Free On our 24/7 Injury Hotline: 1 – 844 495 7333.


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